Wonder Catacomb

Wonder Catacomb is my mom's basement, a grave for the fantasy of creation. When art doesn't make it into galleries, it goes underground. Our Mission: Fame.


It’s hard for an artist to make work, and even harder to get work. In my case, it all ended up in my mom’s basement. So logically, I decided that her basement must actually be a gallery, otherwise there wouldn’t be art in it.

Wonder-Catacomb is a perpetually ongoing Domestic Exhibition in the basement of my heart. Guests are welcome to contribute any object to the collection itself.*

Do you ever hear those pop-creativity lectures about the importance of “play”? The answer is yes, you do hear them. They say play is the way to stay aflame, be like a child, act real wild, you’ll win the game by staying the same. Wonder Catacomb dares to put this fresh, sexy platitude to the test. Come to the Catacomb of Childhood Wonder, come play with me, and let’s see how far it gets us.

*all guest work goes into the special quest work shelf, at which point it’s either accepted into permanent collection for the duration of 2 weeks, a month, or for however long my mother enjoys looking at it, otherwise, all other pieces will be thrown away immediately unless the submitting artist takes it back with them after the reception. The exhibition promotes free participation to all members of it’s audience, and the exhibition also promotes the idea that freedom is an illusion.

Two wooden dolls, a doll house furniture and an old chess piece installed on a wall trim ledge. The left-doll has flowers.

Wonder Catacomb’s First “Domestic Happening”

As seen on Facebook: "Wonder Catacomb, a domestic art space born in the suburbs that blurs the lines between gallery and domestic space. This exhibition showcases the work of artists Alejandro Bellizzi, Eric Sherwood, Noah Markoe, and Ben Quinn, but also explores the...