The Doctor Is In, The Prognosis is Nihilism.
Art Hospital explores the meaning of death in the context of art. The intended irony of “Art Hospital” as a title concerns the redundancy of “Art” as a prefix for an institutional structure. It’s a reference to how “art school” insulates itself from a larger scope of society. It’s as though there are two dimensions here, one that is informed by the actual pragmatic world, and the other which is a deliberate illusion. And so I have applied the Art-prefix outward. Artists don’t make statements, they make artist statements. Tell me about the art world–does the art world have it’s own schools? Clearly. Does the art world also have it’s own police department? Does the art-government repair the worn art-sidewalks and art-stop signs? When you are sick of making art, is there an art hospital? Welp, there is now. Similar to Captain Hook, I believe that death is the only true adventure, and I agree.

Contextual Work: