Who Is Alejandro?
Alejandro Bellizzi was born in a manger.
Alejandro imagines telling people he is a Post-Disciplinary Artist, but hasn’t actually done so yet. He Thinks-Writes-Performs-And-Makes. Sharp as a whip, driven mad by visions. Resides in Columbus, Ohio. BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design. Moved to Miami, then back to Columbus. Alejandro is in severe student loan debt. While using contrived syntax to describe himself in third person, he uses humor to preach nihilism. Alejandro does many things, sees things. Harbors many secrets. Draws pictures, write book, no sell, no sell or people ever see, no career, no money, no community, no love, nothing but certainty and dream of respite, the sublime release of peering at the whole sky. All alone in world. Walk to therapy. Work night at deli, walk home under moonlit halo like true poet. But Alejandro never give up on dream of sharing awe. Someday everyone see. Everyone understand. When Alejandro feel weakness or sadness, eternal demon spirit from beyond whisper in ear and share dark powers. Gives Alejandro strength to endure, to be best, absorb all suffering, release full ultimate power. His wide range of self-mocking work suggests that despite our doomed isolation, we can at least pretend. Alejandro Bellizzi is a contemporary afterbirth of Amelia Bedelia or Don Quixote, possibly a hack.

Why Faster, Sexier Art?

I want to fit in. That’s why I make faster, sexier art. People like to go fast, people like sexy things like Art and white leather couches in black lights. I am not even sure what to call it. Maybe: residual objects that revolve around me. Art is a bit like gravity, in that sense. Artists are similar to gas giants, hoarding moons in their orbit. I have selected these moons, I battered them into form via meteor, and now their trajectory reminds me that I am here. I am wonderful. I am enormous and full of toxic gas.