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“Wonder Catacomb, a domestic art space born in the suburbs that blurs the lines between gallery and domestic space. This exhibition showcases the work of artists Alejandro Bellizzi, Eric Sherwood, Noah Markoe, and Ben Quinn, but also explores the transformation of a living space into an art space.
Permanent exhibition curated by Maria Bellizzi
featuring works by Colombian Modernist Judith Marquez and SAIC Alum Catalina Bellizzi.
-also featuring a retrospective of Alejandro’s “Mirror Stage Period” in a box.

Free wine and snacks.

Visitors are welcome to participate in Maria Bellizzi’s call for entries. Applicants must show an actual, physical piece to Maria Bellizzi during the opening for immediate consideration.

Hey. Free wine and snacks.”

-May 30th 2014



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