an ongoing series of ink drawings of nocturnal apparitions


Apparitions consists mainly of ink drawings. It suits the nature of the work and also doesn’t smudge, which matters a lot since most of these were drawn in a sketch book. I spend a lot of time at night just staring into nothing until I fall asleep. In the morning I record my findings. I began to habitually think of a figure idling in his home. I wanted to capture how isolation amplifies the features of an otherwise mundane, unseen world. And this world, in my interpretation, harbors a population of ghostly migrants. I imagine an exodus of refugees searching for a forgotten city, or perhaps leaving one. They appear at night, but really I piece them together myself. Much of the creative method here involves using darkness and thought experiments to adjust how my brain processes visual information. It’s a process of sketching with shadows to create haunting apparitions, similar to what one might experience during an episode of sleep paralysis or sensory deprivation. Except its fun not terrifying and I have the situation under control.