A project involving multiple works, sculptures, animation, performance, and more, about the spiritual catharsis in the act of surrender.

There came a time when
It took me fifteen words before I even said anything.

“I surrender.”

The stress of trying to harness big words, like beauty, meaning, freedom, and the sublime, left me broken. And so one day I made a sign and decided to lay down on the pavement in the cold to revel in the act of surrendering. This life, I thought, this isn’t going anywhere. I’m not going to make it as an artist, or a writer, and all those dreams just wash over me. When one is imprisoned, they preserve their mind by engaging the barriers of their confinement with increased creativity and attention to detail. That’s what happens to prisoners in prison, and hence, this is what happens to people in the prison of consciousness, of being a mind and having one’s own nature become an insurmountable circumstance. Does an artist scratch at the surface of a cell? Is a piece of art the manifestation of a trapped creature? A relocation of one’s sense of control? Is it an act of surrender?