Don't Go Alone

Small Drawings and Surprises by Alejandro Bellizzi
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Columbus Alive Write-Up/Interview

Skylab exhibition investigates social, solitary aspects of art

Source: Columbus Alive

Dear Esteemed Art Goers and Guests

I, Alejandro Bellizzi, creative recluse and perpetrator of madness, humbly invite you to attend my solo exhibition at Skylab Gallery on the 18th of February: “Don’t Go Alone” small drawings and surprises. I’ve been alone in my room for a long time. Everynight I dream of the people I used to know and spend time with, and all the windows of tall buildings. Art is loneliness, so don’t go alone. If you do, you will never look in the mirror, you will never unlock the secrets of the other. All guests and participants must trust me. We are gathered to see one another at along last, despite the many obstacles and distractions of life’s trajectory. Finally, an exhibition that shows us what we truly desire: each other, ourselves, small drawings, and surprises. All of us together like I’ve always wanted.

Please be prepared to participate and follow all provided guidelines at the gallery entrance. In order to appreciate art, we must become the art. It’s not enough that we deconstruct the gallery experience, we must put those pieces back together. All the people are fragments of my shattered dreams.

All guests will enjoy complimentary wine and horderves, including exclusive access to the solitary relief of the gallery’s restroom. Sign the message book. Purchase affordable hard copies of my latest zine of poetry and drawings. Shake my hand. Feign interest. Use the bathroom, it’s something to do. Attend the show as an excuse to tell people you have plans, but then rediscover a part of yourself you thought you’d forgotten. Eventually, everyone must go, but don’t go alone: Small drawings and surprises.

Reception from 6-10 PM, February 18th SkyLab Gallery, 57 East Gay Street, Floor 5, Columbus Ohio