Life is simple.

All you have to do is hold on.

Life is easy, all you have to do.

All you have to do is let go.

By all the things you must do

must be done, such is life’s must.

Such is the must of life, the matter


as named bodies. The taming

of wild tigers who would otherwise

lie there, or be a star’s fart.

We make their choices, shake their hands. Care for them as though we were nothing but that name, its will, its mind and unending shame, coordinated knee-bends and thigh-highs of every minute stride.

ovulate, ellipse

And so goes our elongated circle,

We separate into oblivion. Infinity is banal. To commune in the forever burial-and-exhume of history, like a child who hides a shoe box of treasure in the garden, just so he may forget, and discover it later.

Some continue

their matter as tamed hobbies,

scrawling into sun-winks

because without leaving marks,

the name savors no legacy

–and it must

wake mid-procedure. A parade so long it hits the tail. A sleep paralysis. An intense operation, hernia of the spirit below shadowy columns.

You wake on the table to find yourself awake on the table

Temporarily cut in two.

Dismembered. A caterpillar becomes just goo before emerging as a butterfly. And is the caterpillar in a deep, placeless sleep? so far away in leafy Valhalla. Or is he in a cocoon of terror and pain? A tiny bug mind floating in his own jar, I have fallen apart. I have melted and I see nothing but the broken soup of my insides. I can feel it calling me back home. Werner Herzog is watching me die, speaking softly into a tape recorder.  He does not interfere. He does not attempt to rescue the caterpillar, because he understands: Such is the must of life,

that makes it so hard to hold on,

and a mystery to release.


Alejandro Bellizzi

Alejandro Bellizzi

Author, Artist, Dream Weaving Astronaut boy wonder

Alejandro was born in a manger. Did you know that statistically speaking people are more likely to read and share internet posts that have a little author blurb at the bottom with the person’s face and elevator pitch? I am not here to play the game, I’m here to cut the whole thing open and see how its insides work.